Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Day.

On Change, and time.

It has been a while, hasn't it? Three years is what blogger tells me, and I believe it. I think I had given up on writing here ever again, out of laziness more than lack of content. Then this one time I started reading old posts for whatever reason, and figured it'd be a sad way to see this blog go. So here I am, back again. No guarentees this time though (not that there were any before), I might be back, I might not, who the f knows anywho.

To change then. Well, the first thing you'll notice is that the whole Bloodfist Klan theme is gone.This has been a while in the doing and I'm still somewhat ambigious about doing it, but it is done. Azgez Bloodfist is dead. I killed him. So the posts you are likely to see from here on out are probably going to be a lot more computer sciency and political, and from the PoV of an actual human being.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Good day.

Dumbledore's death.

I have been sitting on the idea for a fair bit now and since the Da Geek put it up on his blog yesterday, I am convinced that the theory is correct.
The theory is that Dumbledore died of his own free will. Wishful thinking? I dont think so. Here is why:

  • What started the train of thought for me was Dumbledore's fight with Severus outside the forbidden forest. Think, when was the last time you heard of dumbledore's anger? With the exception of the dementor attack and Mundungus's desertion of post, NEVER. Also, it strikes me as very very unlikely that Snape would be arguing about keeping watch on Malfoy. If he had turned over, he would simply not watch and pretend that he did. No, I think Snape was talking about not fulfilling the vow. That is what Dumbledore would be talking about when he says "you made a promise and you must keep it" or whatever the exact words were.
  • I find it very hard to believe that Dumbledore was unable to find a single way of retrieving his wand in front of Malfoy. He was the greatest wizard in history, you'd think he could take on a 16 year old crybaby.
  • We all know he did not cling sufficiently to life to fear death, "death is but the next great adventure", he had said. So why does he plead wih Snape to spare him?? The only logical conclusion is that he was pleading with Snape not to spare him, but to kill him. Think about it, if Snape was dead they would have absolutely no one with Voldie to keep watch on him. This would also be why Dumbledore froze Harry, because he knew Severus would do it in the end and Harry would, well, be a tad annoyed, not to mention the fact that he might actually stop Snape, which would kill him. So, if we put ourselves in Dumbledore's shoes, both these things seem a much greater loss than his own life
  • Now, the reason he trusted Snape. I don't think this has been revealed. What he told Harry was some thing most five year olds won't believe much less one of the best legillimens' of their time. I think Voldie killed either Snape's mum or dad or something, and the reason has not been revealed yet. If Snape was on the dark side he would not have said to Harry, "not until you learn how to close your mind and not speak the incantation" or something to that effect. It sounds like something a teacher, not an enemy, would say.
  • Now this last reason is one that to my knowledge has not been yet raised, and I only thought of last night. The very fact that Dumbledore gave Harry those lessons. I mean he had waited so long, why did he not wait one more year, till when Harry would come of age? We all sort of fall for this trick of Rowling's because deep inside we want Harry to be given a more central role in the war against Voldie. Now here is what I think the deal was, Dumbledore knew about the unbreakable vow. He had decided a long time ago that his time had come and he wanted the info about Voldie's souls to pass on.

I think this interpritation of the story hold together a tad better than what Rowling would have us believe, and methinks that if it is true, well then Rowling is not a cow, but one of the great.

Here is another version of this (entry dated 18th July).


PS - RAB is, almost certainly, Regelus A Black.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Good day.

He is dead. She killed him.

I have just spent the last twelve hours and forty five minutes reading the half blood prince. The book was going fine, and with the exception of Harry falling for Ginny, there was nothing really wrong or maddening about it.
Then I got to the last three chapters. Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore dies. After this I sort of remember being in a haze till the end. He dies, end of story. Nothing else. Talk about leaving one in suspense.

Also, this was just blatant cruelty on the part of that positive COW Rowling. The book is magnificent mind, but when you put it down you feel how absolutely unnecessary the killing was. How pointless. It's driving me nuts.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Good day.
Persona Bloodfistonia, Entry Two

From left to right: me, Sumant, Apoorva, Prateek.

Laurel and Hardy

It was Prateek who contributed the heading. It is, perhaps the most valid and befitting title this post could have. This will be the only post that will be about two people which is because in my mind, it is impossible to write about one and completely sideline the other. Da Reaper without Sumantino is like ... a Big Mac without special sauce. I met the two of them in fifth grade, they joined two months apart. Sumant is, contrary to popular belief, the senior, though only by a few months. I will, therefore, write about him first. Now, this bloke was what one would describe as a pincushion for bullies when he joined. First of all, he had just returned from the states and was, consequently, ignorant of the ways of India and more importantly those of DPS. To top it all off, he was tiny (physically) and basically a nice guy. He has long since shed the former, but retains that latter trait. But back in the days of yore, it was always case where this or that pea brained, mollusc headed bully is bullying him and either me or Da Reaper and more frequently both are hurrying him from the spot. The chief of the aforesaid oppressors was Varun Chadha. This idiot, Varun, was never designed to be human. He was designed to be a blade of Venetian Long-grass - tall, skinny and utterly useless, except when used to irritate the skin. He is also PC's brother and convinced the Sumant is gay. For the record, I think he is daft.

Da Reaper came from a school from Orissa, and so had little or no probs adjusting. I still remember the conversation me and PC had when we first saw this tall somewhat ogreish fellow walk up to the math teacher. The only reason me and PC even noticed him was because we used to top the class back then and wanted to know if this guy was going to add seriously to the competition. I still remember PC going "I don't think so, the math teacher doesn't look too impressed". In contrast, Prateek was the more lively sort, the one who always instigated the pillow fights at people's places and shit.

The three of us immediately hit off and by the time we went to RKP, we were already good friends. When we shifted to RKP, Prateek and Sumant got into the same section, and this is were they really cemented their relationship, I suppose. These two also introduced me to the Age of Empires computer game during a conversation in the OAT. I have them to thank for that at the least. About this time we used to visit each other's place about once every other month this was great fun, as our mums were only too glad to get rid of us, and Sumant owns the Risk board game. I still remember a game we had, in which I threw nine straight sixes on the roll of the dice. The odds of that are like one in six to the power nine, in case you were wondering.

We were like this for all through ninth and tenth, though around this time Prateek and Sumant were much better friends than those two and I. Further, Sumant had made good friends of his own, with whom I was not very well acquainted. At this time I would also like to mention Kuhrazeeman, also called Apoorva Karan Rai, he'll get an entry later, but this was around the time he popped into my life.

The only time we really drifted apart was in eleventh. But, I must confess, around this time I really drifted apart from most of my friends, but this is mainly because we were all in different sections and my interests changed suddenly to programming and computers, while everybody else's did not. This was the time when I met Karan, and spent most of my time with that bloke. Prateek about this time, in my opinion started to act really stupidly. Firstly, he got romantically involved and secondly, he got romantically involved with a complete idiot. His studies and shit suffered because of this, but I think he pulled himself together just fine. Sumant on the other hand, like me spent more time with other friends and so we did not talk much. After school ended though we have sort of gotten back together which is cool. We recently got together and celebrated three of our birthdays together (Me, Sumant and Apoorva, Prateek was a "guest"). Prateek got into Texas at Austin, Sumant is waiting for the AIEEE counseling to happen. This lot has been what many would describe and "the gang" for me, so I hope we can keep in touch despite being in different time zones in the days and years to come.